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Bye Bye Red Devils! Look Who’s Back!


If a win against Manchester City wasnt sweet enough, Liverpool knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup in the 4th round in a span of just 3 days to make my week even sweeter! And what a way to do it as well! I always hated seeing Liverpool play against United when the game is 0-0 or 1-1 because they always found a way to stab my heart, scoring in the dying minutes and seconds of the game. The likes of Scholes, Giggs, Solskjaer and Nistelrooy always pissed me off when Liverpool lost games that was looking like it was heading for a tie. And NOW FINALLY, we gave them a sucker punch in their same fashion and gave them a taste of their own medicine! What a way to finish up the week!


  • Enrique was excellent again, especially in the first 20 minutes, was instrumental in setting up the first goal as he paved the way for the corner. But hes one player I have no complains about.
  • King Kenny, PLAY DOWNING ON THE LEFT!!!!!
  • Henderson was bright at sparks of the game, didnt cause any harm at all.
  • Gerrard, well, is Steven Gerrard
  • The goal Manchester United Scored was beautiful. Gotta give credit to the team i hate the most for creating a chance out of nowhere. Reina couldn’t have done much to stop the shot.
  • Booing Evra was inevitable, but I really don’t get why everyone was scrutinizing him so much. He wasn’t the one responsible for handing Suarez an 8 match ban. He just lodged a complaint. If you really wanna blame somebody, blame the FA. I personally thought it was a harsh gesture.
  • Besides, his mistake gifted us the winning goal 🙂
  • The moment when Ferguson brought in Chicarito, I was feeling so nervous, as he manages to poach a goal out of nowhere. At that moment, I was just hoping for a FA Cup replay rather than a win.
  • I cannot believe how Dirk Kuyt is like the clutch player that Liverpool has, who works his ass off but doesn’t pose as a threat whatsoever and then suddenly out of nowhere, he pops up with something special.
  • And the crowd reacting at the Kuyt winner was spectacular.
The celebration is great, but whats up with the Setanta Sports hoodie? lol

So in one week, Liverpool singlehandedly knock out the two Manchester clubs out of 2 tournaments. The timing could not be better and the feeling cannot be any sweeter. Now the team faces a tough task to break into the top 4 of the premier league, but right now, I couldn’t care less about the premier league. The winning feeling against Manchester City and Manchester United United is too sweet to be overshadowed for now.