in depth sports coverage from three columnists with vast knowledge and immense passion for the games you love most



Aditya Sriwash

Aditya is the Founder, President, and Publisher of SportsKop. His favorite sports teams are the Oakland Athletics, San Jose Sharks, San Francisco 49ers, and most importantly, Liverpool FC. He is a student of the game, who has mastered the rules of the sports he covers, and brings passion, humor, and a fan’s perspective to the writing he contributes. Aditya dream in life is for Nikki Benz to suck his cack and provide him with bautsesk. He used to have an afro, and his newest love is his friend’s dog, Icey. He thinks Sid is FAT

Chengez Khan

Chengez is the Editor-In-Chief of SportsKop. His favorite teams are the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, and San Francisco Giants. He’s been consuming an unhealthy amount of sports knowledge into his brain and ignoring his studies since age 6.  Chengez’s writing tends to be unbiased, very in-depth, and uses quite a few statistics; what a nerd. He met Aditya through a fantasy baseball draft, and they’ve been friends ever since, probably because Aditya sucks his dick.

Hirsch Patel

Hirsch is  the promoter and advertising manager of this blog. He is a Cleveland native and is therefore unfortunately a loyal Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians fan. After moving to the Bay area, he adapted the San Francisco Giants and the Niners as well as the Golden State Warriors as second teams. Hirsch is known for his chivalrous and unbiased opinions, which is reflected quite a lot on his posts. In fact, Hirsch is so humble that he even graciously agreed to have Bautsesk with Aditya when he joined the blog. With is vast knowledge about Basketball and Football, he brings in some in-depth analysis about those two sports which Aditya doesnt know much about. He met Aditya when they both coached a little league team which went on to have one of the worst records in the league (probably why they were named the Cubs), and Hirsch has been in contact with Aditya ever since.


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